11.19.2016 12:00

I’d been waiting for this day for seven months. In June, three bands that I absolutely adore (FIDLAR, SWMRS, and The Frights) announced that they were all going on together in November. My friend (let’s call her Nemo) and I saw both SWMRS and The Frights back in March, and we were overjoyed when the bands announced the new tour. We bought the tickets the same day they went on sale. About a month before the upcoming concert, I checked a website that Facebook users could RSVP to. The number was a whopping 250, compared to the crowd made up of less than fifty people that showed up to the show in March. We were determined to get front row spots again. However, if you read my previous post, you’ll know that I live in a colder area of the country, and of course the weather was not going to be on our side the day of the concert. The high for the day was going to be 30°F, and with windchill it was going to be even colder. Needless to say, Nemo and I were a bit worried about the outcome of the day.

At the concert in March, we met two girls and ended up spending the concert together and exchanging numbers afterwards. One of the girls was not going to be at the upcoming concert and the other girl, her name is… Lilac, was bringing a different friend instead, her name is… Violet. Lilac texted both me and Nemo, and we started a new group chat to include Violet too. The plan was to meet them at about one o’clock before the concert to hang out and queue together for the show. Nemo and I were planning to get into the city at about noon, to guarantee that we’d be the first group in line, and Lilac and Violet were going to get there a little bit later because they live further out than we do. Nemo and her parents picked me up at 11:30 a.m. sharp.

Due to the weather, I wanted to wear as many layers as I could, but I knew that once we got into the concert venue, I would get really hot really fast. My final outfit for the day consisted of my SWMRS shirt, a olive-colored flannel, a jean jacket, long underwear pants (don’t judge, they kept me nice and toasty warm, haha), black jeans, and converse. Not nearly warm enough, but enough to get me through the hour long wait to get in. In my purse, I made sure to bring a small pair of gloves, a hat, money for merch, a deck of cards, the tickets (duh), a portable charger, cables, and my phone. Everything I would need for the day.

After being dropped off in a McDonald’s parking lot, Nemo and I quickly walked down to the venue to scope things out. The cold bit at our clothes and faces as we made our way down the block. Located directly in front of the venue was a cute little bubble tea cafe. We hadn’t originally planned on stopping here, but Nemo and I both love bubble tea, so stopping in was quickly added to the day’s agenda. We ordered our drinks and hung out in the cafe for about an hour and a half. While sitting, we watched a man change the billboard over the venue to say FIDLAR: SOLD OUT. After the cafe, we decided to wander into a few bookstores nearby. The first one we went into was essentially a bookstore for wiccans. The store had an eerie feel and smelled like a candle store. Shortly after arriving, a woman named Lily came up to us and explained that she did readings for a small fee. Now, of course I don’t wholeheartedly believe in psychic abilities and energy readings, but I’ve always been a fan of mystical stories and objects, and just magic in general. Needless to say, I got a two minute energy reading and it was pretty freaking cool. We left that bookstore and went into another one right across the street. This was hands down the coolest bookstore I’ve ever stepped foot in. Books were tightly packed on shelves that touched the floor and the ceiling, and there were small hallways and corners all around the tiny store. Nemo and I spent an hour looking through old books published over 100 years ago. After the second bookstore, we walked a ways down to Target and milled around for a while. Two hours to go. We then met up with Lilac and Violet at a Subway right by Target, and had a hasty dinner there. All four of us played cards, talked about music, and screamed about being so excited about the concert we might pee ourselves. At about 4:00, we meandered back to the concert venue. The venue had strict rules about waiting outside, and concert-goers could only queue for an hour before doors opened. So, we went back to the bubble tea cafe and perched in front of a big window to wait. All of a sudden a black van pulling a trailer pulled up in front of the venue, and all four members of SWMRS got out. The four of us flipped out and shamelessly watched them unload their equipment and walk in front of the building. It wasn’t until we were queueing that we realized any onlookers could easily see the window from across the street, and the band most definitely saw us watching them like lunatics. Oops.

Finally at five o’clock we started lining up outside of the venue. There were only a handful of other people that got there super early, and their definition of early was about 5:05. We should have been the first four in line, but we accidentally stood on the wrong side of the door, and about five sketchy people got ahead of us. (One of the guys in the group 100% had a ton of weed in his backpack.) We waited for an hour and the final temperature was a whopping 28 degrees. All of us could see our breath coming out in white puffs and our fingers and toes were slowly losing feeling. By the time the staff members let us in, I couldn’t feel any of my toes. The sketchy people were held up a little bit by security and we were able to sneak past them and get front row spots. The venue filled up with people pretty quickly after we got our spots. I found three people I met at the previous concert amongst the pit of people behind me, all of them eagerly awaiting the bands.

First up on stage was The Frights. They began their set with a slowed down version of one of their more well-known songs called Kids. Everyone got really into it, and the moshing was ten times more intense than the first time we saw these guys –and they were only one of the opening acts this time around. We knew the crowd was going to be insane by the time FIDLAR took the stage. Mikey, the lead singer, had a beer up on stage for the first part of the concert. After chugging the last half of it, he drop kicked the can into the crowd, causing beer droplets to splatter all over Nemo and I. Laughing, we headbanged and sang along to the rest of their set (which was phenomenal).

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Second to take the stage was SWMRS, who instantly lit up the stage with their unique sound. Cole, one of the singers, sported a snazzy handmade “Fuck Donald Trump” shirt, and got the whole crowd to shout the saying in between two songs. Cole also gave an empowering speech about the recent election. People flung themselves at each other in the pit and pressed up against those of us in the first row. Drive North was the closing song and Cole jumped into the crowd screaming the lyrics. They were incredible and my throat hurt from singing so loud to all of the songs. Thankfully, the security guards who were in front of the barricade opened water bottles and would pour some water into your mouth if you were thirsty. Two sets were done and we only had one left to go.


Finally, FIDLAR filed onto the stage and the crowd went nuts. The show started off in the dark, and the national anthem rang through the venue. Then, when the band started playing, the mosh pit turned chaotic. People who were towards the back of the crowd continuously tried to push their way to the front, but Nemo and I refused to give up our hard earned spots. Also, person after person crowd surfed over our heads as the show went on. FIDLAR played song after song, and we screamed their lyrics for about an hour and a half. As they played, people from the crowd threw their drinks over the crowd and the empty cups landed right in front of the barricade. At one point, a shoe went flying over our heads and landed underneath the drum set on stage. The guy next to Nemo laughed and screamed at us: “That’s my brother’s! That’s my brother’s shoe!” Towards the end of the show, we got pushed over a little bit to the side. Nemo was being pushed into me, I was being pushed into Violet, and my feet left the ground leaving me squished at an angle between my two friends. The show was crazy, but so fun nonetheless. Environment-wise, this was my favorite show I’ve been to.


After everyone started leaving, Nemo and I made our way to the merch table and both of us bought two new t-shirts (I managed to score a free sticker too!). The guys from The Frights, and half of SWMRS were hanging out, talking to people and taking pictures. We got to meet Richard, the bassist from The Frights, and get a picture with him too. Before we could talk to SWMRS, one of the staff members started shooing everyone out of the venue. Nemo and I walked to the McDonald’s we were dropped off at and got large waters and ice cream cones. This whole day was seriously one of my favorite days ever, and writing this is bringing back the PCD (post concert depression) on a whole new level. I highly suggest checking out all three of these bands if you have not already 🙂

Have a day.

Anna. 3:40.