10.23.16 12:00

– A big white van rolls down my court, driving towards my house. My ride for today. –

The plan was simple: drive to the city, go to the music store, buy music, drive home. We’ll call my partner in crime Jazz. Jazz and I have been talking for about a month or two and have become a weird little duo. Not dating, just companions that make little adventures for ourselves. We’d been planning this one for a while. His family really likes this particular music store, and I had never been. He knows I like music and wanted me to come to the store with him sometime. Today was that time.

I got into the big white van and was met with a homey backseat. Jazz crawled out of the front seat to come sit with me in the back. There is one seat that faces the back of the car, he takes this one, and I sit opposite him facing the windshield. The ride was shorter than I had previously thought it would be, and we arrived in the city in practically no time at all. I’ve always been fascinated by the city. I adore the tall buildings, the small shops along the streets, and the sidewalks filled with people who all have a certain destination in mind.

Upon entering the store, I was wowed. Music played loudly from the speakers, people carrying vinyls and CD’s sauntered past, and posters of famous artists lined the walls. The store was bigger than I anticipated and had more than just music. There were racks of socks with absurd patterns, bongs, candy, and large posters for sale. We walked past all of this before reaching the music section.

Jazz sped ahead of me, knowing the store well. I followed at a slower pace, trying to take everything in. The first thing I found was a table of cassettes, decorated with stickers from different bands. I don’t have a cassette player, but I scanned over the titles anyway. Next, I went to the CD section and poked around there for a long time. With my two chosen CDs in hand, I made my way over to the vinyls. My vinyl collection is lonely, and I thought that this would be a good time to add a new one to it. However, I decided not to buy one after looking through the majority of the options. Vinyls are a bit more expensive than I’d like them to be. While I was digging through the music, Jazz was busy making a custom CD. After he was finished, he came over and we reviewed what we were going to purchase. Jazz was getting two cassettes, and two CDs (including his custom-made one) and my purchases included two CDs. When I got to the counter to pay, my eyes landed on little dishes of stickers and buttons; I grabbed one of each.

Our chauffeur for the day was also doing a bit of shopping, so with our bags in hand Jazz and I walked around the store trying to find the weirdest album/band names. My personal favorites were Mountain Goat and Communist Daughter. A favorite moment of mine was when Jazz appeared across the aisle from me and asked me “What do German dogs do?” Confused, I asked him what they did. He promptly held up an album and across the front was the word Björk.

Jazz, the chauffeur, and I were all done shopping, and today’s adventure had come to an end. On the ride home, we listened to the collection of songs on Jazz’s custom album which he titled “this is pretty neat”.

Today was a good one. Have a day. Anna. 4:30